The Y-Rod - Lesson One
by Joe Smith

Take your Y rod that you are supposed to have by now. Hold it with the little ends strait up and your hands clamped near the top of the rod. Thumbs should be up on top, rod hanging down. 

Now roll your thumbs out with your hand flat across, palms up. If you had a broom stick laid in your hands with the thumbs out that is the way it should look with the Y rod. when you do this the point of the Y rod should come up in front. It should be in a 45 degree angle from your body, your elbows at your side and arms about 16" apart . The tip of the wrist one way or the other will change the angle of the tip of the Y rod . 

So now practice this as it is not easy to do. Once you get it, it will be easy for you to repeat when you use it. There are different ways to hold them but for now just try this way. . The tip should be in a tension strain so as to want to go either way, up or down. After you get this done the next thing is to learn a yes and no answer. 

With your rod in a ready position ( the 45 degree angle) thumbs out. Now ask the Y rod to give you a yes answer, it should dip down and then return to neutral ( the 45) . Once you get that to work then ask for your No answer. It will either lift slightly. or do nothing at all. OK this is enough for one evening. Now if you want this to continue I have to hear that is somebody at least trying it as we go. So for I'm a little worried that I'm just talking to my self.


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